BlackBart Screensaver 1 Ė Blue Screen of Death

Blackbart Screensaver 1 is a fun screensaver that will simulate a BSOD, then go through the entire boot sequence of your PC (Windows XP Boot Sequence). It is so realistic that sometimes you will forget it is a screensaver and reboot your computer; but donít, you would hate to loose any data.


To Install the Screensaver, download it to a download folder and install. Next go to the screensaver setup by Right Clicking your desk top, selecting Properties, then the Screensaver Tab. Scroll though the list and select BlackbartSS, then click Setup. Give the Screensaver a few minutes in the setup as it is gathering system information it will need to run realistically. Once Gathered you can choose the desired settings and Save.



When the Screensaver runs it will simulate 8 different BSODs along with multiple other errors such as a scan disk, hard drive fail, corrupt files and a windows rebuild and restore. Below are some screenshots of some of the sequences, enjoy!









Blackbart Screensaver 1 is Shareware






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