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Shotgun Simulator is designed to show you the critical data on the shot/pellets form 0 to 60 Yards. On the main page you can see the velocity reduction, shot drop, shot pattern and shot pressure (impact), at each major yard mark. Understanding this data is critical to improving your accuracy. Understanding the pressure of the shot size you are using and what pressure is required to bring down the game you are hunting will improve your kill ratio.


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Another vital aspect of the shotgun is the pattern your Choke and Shot create. Knowing the size of the pattern at the distance you are shooting will allow you to select the proper choke along with the shot so you pattern has as few holes (Patchiness) as possible. In most cases a pattern over 30 inches will reduce your chances of a kill. The Pattern Generator will allow you to see what your pattern may look like for the different shells/chokes you may use. Keep in mind that no two patterns will ever be the same and differences in the barrels can make a difference. Length of the cones will also greatly affect the pattern.



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A Pigeon Simulator has been added for you to test you knowledge on chokes, shots and the amount of lead required for various speeds and altitudes. The simulator has 3 modes of operation. First you can set the speed, choke, and altitude of the pigeon and have it select the best shot size and lead distance. Second you can enter all the data and then have it run and see if the data you chose would yield a kill. Third you can set the Speed, Altitude, Shot, and Choke the shoot manually to see if you can kill the Winged Rat.


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A Shotgun Mechanics section has been added so you can see each step the shot goes through from trigger pull to target impact. This will help you understand why steel shot has a tighter pattern than lead, why a full choke will give a slower muzzle velocity than a modified, and much more.


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A Choke Compare Utility is added so you can easily see the patterns of each Choke, first individually then all together.



A Height Calculation utility is added allowing you to take the Time of Fall of a bird, wings in, and their fall angle to calculate its height when shot.



There is a calculator available to determine the impact pressure for a given grain projectile at set speeds



You can also select you gauge shotgun and get a graphic indication of the constriction of the bore by the different chokes



A reload calculator is available to determine your cost per shell for each of your shotgun loads.



A Load Data Tool has been added which will allow you to view/use load data from other ShotGunSim users.



You can also use this tool to enter and store your own load data. Check the “Share with Others” box to upload your load data to share with others. When you enter the Feet Per Second (FPS) if you have verified the FPS with a chronograph then put a “C” in front of the data. No “C” indicates that the FPS is calculated not measured.



One of a few tools provided is a section to show what shot is best for the different game you may hunt. With each prey there is a balance between how much shot verses the size to you. You would not shoot #2 shot at a dove, mainly because of the patchiness of the pattern to the speed of the dove along with the fact that #7 ½ will have enough impact pressure in most cases.



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There are also some extras like a document on Lead Shot, a document on an alternative finish you can do on your guns, websites for reloading components along with other items to help you with your Shotgun Shooting.


If you have the opportunity to obtain Reclaimed Shot, you can download a video that will show you a way to clean and prepare the reclaim for shooting.



Shotgun Simulator is Shareware






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