Blackbart Software


Blackbart Software is a small programming company striving to provide you with useful and powerful software. We also are open to the client’s needs and implement as many request and suggestions as possible, to make each program as function as it can be. The name Blackbart has a significance and was chosen because of a good friend who was a stuntman and gun fighter; not to be confused with Black Bart the pirate or Black Bart the outlaw who was famous for stage coach robberies. For many years I spent time with Blackbart, ministering to him, hearing the stories of making movies with John Wayne and learning to fast draw, so when Blackbart passed on, his name became our trademark.


Jesus has chosen to use us ministering to those in care centers and hospices and we have done so faithfully since 1989. Unfortunately no one finances our efforts so we use the talent He has given use to program software to help support this ministry. We thank you for choosing to use the programs we have written and for any donations you have graciously given. All the Praise and the Glory to the Father and the Son.