Protect Your Messages and Data With

Secure Message


Secure Message is a program that will take your messages or small data files and embedded them into a standard picture. Because of that way that it is embedded there is no real way to know that the picture contains data. This will allow you to send text and data to others confident that Big Brother is not intercepting them. We know that the NSA and others are tapping into the routers where your emails are not encrypted and reading what they want whenever they want and even though you have nothing to hide you do not want others, nor is it legal, to read your mail and take your data. So this is all you need.



Add a picture to the program, enter message or if a long message add it as a file in the form of a document, or add a data file. Then select a password and Encrypt the Message/Data. Send the picture to the desired recipient and the password in a different message or means and they can Decrypt and be the only one to receive the Message/Data.







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